Training and Brief Bio: Michael Mayer’s Tai Chi/ Qigong background includes training for over four decades in the internal arts at the Integral Chuan Institute with master Fong Ha where he learned Tai Chi Chuan (also spelled Taiji Quan), XingYi Chuan (also spelled Quan), and Yi Chuan. Some of this training includes Tai Chi sword, saber and staff, the 108 long form of Tai chi Chuan right and left sides.  Two person “joining hands” (pushing hands) practice has been part of the curriculum, including the gift of learning the long form of San Shau. Michael is also grateful to have trained in Yi Chuan Qigong with masters Sam Tam, Han Xing Yuan, and Han Jing Chen. He has also trained with many other masters of medical Qigong such as Dr. Alex Feng in the Five Animal Forms of Hua Tau. Various other aspects of the Chuan Fa (associated arts of the Chaun) have been part of his training  and research including Taoist Alchemy. Michael received a certification in Chinese Health Arts from the Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, CA.