Tai Chi Push:

Learn how not to be overreactive when triggered by the assaults of life

Click on the video below to discover how Tai Chi, “Push” teaches “equanimity training” — to not be overly assertive when you’re upset, triggered, or angry. In this video clip below you’ll learn the Four Dimensions of Purpose of Bodymind Healing Tai Chi’s approach to “Push,” which includes:

Self- Healing: Learn how Tai Chi Push is related to the Shamanic Bear movements for tonifying the Liver meridian.

Spiritual Unfoldment: Discover how Tai Chi Push induces a spiritual alchemy, experienced as transforming air into water.

• Self Defense: In the discounted paid Episode #2 of Tai Chi Push (Episode 2: Body Mind Healing Tai Chi Chuan, Four Dimensions of Purpose) you’ll see two-person self defense applications that I learned from various Tai Chi masters. You’ll learn how the self defense dimensions of this practice metaphorically can translate into dealing with the psychological attacks of everyday life. You’ll hear the story of my fool-heartedness, illustrating “the problems with over-extension,” when a potential fight over a parking space was averted by knowing how to “not push.”

Changing your Life Stance Psychologically: When assaulted by the impingements of everyday life, Tai Chi “Push” teaches us how not to be overreactive, maintain our central equilibrium, and to assert from the center of our Selves.

In Bodymind Healing Tai Chi Chuan each of these four dimensions are part of a greater whole, and blend into an integral psycho-spiritual healing path.

In the full version of Episode #2 you’ll also learn the Four Dimensions approach to a.) Double Ward off b.) Rollback, and c.) Press. (For a limited time discounted to $9.97, usually $20.00)

Please note: The practices in this video are not a substitute for medical advice from your medical professionals. Though these practices can contribute to healing bodymind issues, one should always listen to their own body and the limits that it and your medical team suggests to adapt these practices to your unique circumstances. By doing the practices herein you are agreeing to be responsible to adhere to these caveats.

“ Peaceful in the body, peaceful in speech,
The bhikkhu who is peaceful and well-concentrated
And who has rejected the world’s bait
is called ‘one at peace.’ “
-The Buddha (Dhammapada)

If you’d like to learn about the Four Dimensions approach to other Tai Chi Movements, please go to this page: https://bodymindhealing-taichiqigong.com/4-dimensions-of-purpose-video-series/.

Blessings on the Path,
Dr. Michael

Please add to the community dialogue by commenting below on what you’ve learned or want to share about practicing Tai Chi “Push.” Tai Chi is meditation in motion. How does it differ from other forms of meditation you’ve practiced?

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