Self Healing Methods

Chronic Pain – See article: Qigong and behavioral Medicine: An Integrated Approach to Chronic Pain

Chronic diseases, chronic pain, long term health problems

Pre-surgical hypnosis, and and post- surgical recovery healing methods

Wellness Training to Prevent and Recover from Medical Problems

Bodymind Medicine – hypnosis and psychoneuroimmunology for health problems, using such methods as The River of Life Guided Visualization Process.

Anxiety and Panic Disorders – For a more in depth description of Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy and how it applies to anxiety disorders See article:Psychotherapy and Qigong: Partners in Healing Anxiety.

Experience “Bodymind Health Coachingtm – Now expanded to National and International locations through zoom online sessions.

Fees: Payment is made before our sessions at the rate of $300.00 per 50 minute hour or $150 for a 25 minute session.

Please click the button below to reserve your Bodymind Health Coaching Session; then follow up with an email to requesting two possible preferred times. You will be contacted confirming one of those times or with a suggested alternative.