Bodymind Healing Workshop: Spirituality and Psychology Conference 2012 Menlo Park, Ca. Transpersonal Psychology Conference


In this workshop, Dr. Michael Mayer discusses his background and experience in transpersonal and somatic psychotherapy, and how specifically he has integrated Qigong and psychotherapy in his work with patients.


His East-West approach called Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy* is an integral, transpersonal approach, which combines traditional forms of psychotherapy, Eugene Gendlin’s “focusing” technique, ancient sacred wisdom traditions such as Qigong, and symbolic process approaches to healing.  In this presentation participants will discover how to apply these methods to anxiety, chronic pain, hypertension, anxiety, and trauma. Case illustrations, Qigong practices, and research are be presented. Much of the material in this audio is in my book, Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy found in the store on this site

*Note: If you purchase this product, please email me at and I’ll email you FREE my updated peer reviewed article “Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy,” It contains my integral, transpersonal approach, which integrates Qigong and ancient wisdom traditions with psychotherapy.


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