Third Cross Hands Bundle

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This is class 15 through class 19 of the Bodymind Healing 4 Dimensions Video Series.


3rd Cross Hands:

15th Class:
a.) Embracing the Tiger, Return to Mountain
b.) Turn 45 degrees to the Right and with Left Hand Out Brush Knee Forward
c.) Roll Back, Press, Push
d.) Turn to Opposite 45 degree Direction and Single Whip
e.) Turn back to first 45 degree direction and Slant Flying three times with stepping forward
f.) Roll Back, Press, Push and Single Whip
g.) Four Corners (Fair lady Weaves the Shuttles)
h.) Single Whip

16th Class:
a.) Snake Creeps Low,
b.) Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg-Right Knee up, then Left Knee up
c.) Repulsing the Monkey-five times

17th class:
a.) Wild Horse Parts Mane (Slant Flying) and Lifting Hands, Shoulder Stroke
b.) White Crane Spreads Wings
c.) Grasping the Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea
e.) Fan through the Mountain
f.) Turn 180 degrees and three steps forward and Low Punch
g.) Single Ward off to the Left and Right
h.) Step Forward and Double Ward Off, Press, Push
i.) Single Whip j.) High Pat on Horse
k.) White Snake sticks out it’s Tongue
l.) Turn 180 ° and Right heel kick
m.) Dragon Step
n.) Step Forward and Low Punch
o.) Single Ward off Right and Left
p.) Step Forward, Roll Back, Press, Push
q.) Single Whip

18th Class:
a. ) Snake Creeps Low
b.) Step Forward to Seven Stars
c.) White Crane Spreads Wings Right  and Left
d.)Turn  360 ° with White Dove Flying Around
e.) Double Lotus Kick
f.) Bend the Bow
g.) Shoot the tiger
h.) Deer Rutting Left and Right

19th Class:
a.) Double Lotus Kick
b.) Deer Rutting Left and Right
c.) Bend the Bow Shoot the Tigger, Bend the Bow
d.) Step Forward and Punch, Apparent Close Up, Push
e.) Turn back to Front Embrace the Tiger and Return to Mountain
f.) Return to Wuji


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