The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician – Stories and Practices for Troubled Times – eBook

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Are you a Reluctant Metaphysician? A career change, an upsetting external event, a serious illness, a painful breakup, or an unravelling culture can all be invitations to enter a deeper world behind the world. You may not have chosen to go there, but you evolve thereby. This e-book weaves together stories and reflections to introduce teachings and practices from ancient wisdom traditions that illuminate our unique life path.

You’ll learn to develop healing practices for the times we’re living in,  become more aware of the hypnotic power of the stories heard in media, and discover how to find your stance towards troubled times.


The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician speaks to the importance of having a holistic spiritual philosophy in our current times of the “great unraveling” of our personal, political, economic, cultural, and ecological world. Here you will find an integral approach to finding your life stance in troubled times. The metaphysical path is an “all vector approach” that incorporates both “spiritual” and “soulful” pathways, traditions of postural initiation such as Tai Chi, mythology, depth psychology, bodymind healing methods, a non-deterministic approach to astrology, and a multi-dimensional approach to the political sphere.

  • The Metaphysics of Myths: A metaphysician specializing in the art of symbolic process extracts primordial wisdom from mythic tales to help you navigate distressing times.
  • Age-old Energetic Metaphysical Traditions: A Tai Chi/Qigong teacher initiates you into age-old practices for keeping your sense of equanimity so that these upheavals don’t uproot you.
  •  The Metaphysics of Bodymind Healing and Psychotherapy: A leading-edge psychologist shares with you self-healing methods to deal with times of crisis and to find your life stance.
  • Astrological Metaphysics: Are you wondering about the profound changes that are going on in the world? Does it ever seem like some unseen hand has turned a gear in a mysterious cosmic clock? Here you’ll hear a prize-winning astrologer (who doesn’t believe in predictive astrology) tell you about planetary configurations that are synchronistic with these changes.
  • Political Metaphysics: You’ll discover how connecting to the world behind the world can help us cope with, and develop political actions for, the troubled times in which we live.

Dr. Mayer transmits stories, teachings, and practices from his multifaceted career that are so captivating, they may lead you to reluctantly take time out of your busy everyday life. Be forewarned… if you read this book you too may become a Reluctant Metaphysician!

What leaders in the field are saying: 
Dr. Michael Mayer has helped numerous people through his knowledge of psychotherapeutic principles, internal martial arts practices, and life style enhancement. Readers of this book will find Dr. Mayer’s personal story an engrossing one, and may be motivated to recast their own beliefs and behaviors, even reluctantly, into a metaphysical mode. 
—Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Alan Watts Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University
Co-author, Personal Mythology

In the 1970s Dr. Michael Mayer began his study of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong with me. With continuous diligence, devotion, and skill he grows and ages with me as faithful student and friend. It delights my eyes and warms my heart to witness the masterful way Dr. Mayer creates a joining of hands between Eastern and Western spiritual traditions in this book.
—Fong Ha, internationally recognized grandmaster
of Tai Chi Chuan and Yi Chuan Qigong

Behind the veil of our everyday experiences there is another reality that beckons our attention. Michael Mayer’s revelations in this domain are a guide for anyone who desires a richer and more fulfilling experience of life.  If you think life must contain more juice than you have known so far, this book is for you.
—Larry Dossey, MD
Author, Healing Words

Ben Franklin Award, from the Independent Book Publisher’s Association: The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician, won a silver medal in the Body, Mind & Spirit category.
The New England Book Festival: Spiritual Books Category-2012,  The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician, won an honorable mention award.
The Great Southwest Book Festival: Spiritual Books Category-2013, The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician, won an honorable mention award.
The Hollywood Book Festival, Spiritual Books Category-2013, The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician, won an honorable mention award.
Current News: 
Interview on Shrink Rap Radio Podcast, August 2022.Learn how The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician Stories and Practices for Troubled Times can help you to: develop healing practices for the times we’re living in,  be aware of the hypnotic power of the stories heard in media, and  find your stance towards troubled times.

6 reviews for The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician – Stories and Practices for Troubled Times – eBook

  1. Kirkus Reviews

    A meaningful contribution to the spiritual self-help library…A psychologist blends spiritual paths from the East, West, and beyond for an innovative approach to healing…an expansive tale told with humility and insight.

  2. The Midwest Book Review says (December, 2012)

    …much to ponder on the spirtual world and how to better understand it…the metaphysical is not taken lightly in “The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician.”  …How to better piece together one’s place and soul for the ones who don’t delve into the ideas that the stars determine our destiny. Worth considering  for spirituality and metaphysical collections…

  3. The Mindquest Review of Books by Lightword Publishing (2013)

    This book explains why negative experiences, or just coping with today’s reality, offers opportunity for accessing your inner “Genii” to create a better life. Dr Mayer reveals ancient secrets and methods to cope with common problems and for entering a rewarding life path. Mindquest recommends and reviews the book, The Path of the Reluctant Metaphysician, as “exceptional.

  4. Wes Rocki MD, PhD N. Virginia Mind Body Medicine Clinic

    I love Michael’s new book, a fascinating storytelling from a thoughtful revolutionary in the field of healing. The tile of the “reluctant metaphysician” represents a humble invitation from a passionate healer who skillfully combines personal stories with historical myths and firm evidence from his clinical practice. I will use this book as a reference in my practice and will recomend it to many of my patients.

  5. Mathew, 5 out of 5 stars

    Dr. Mayer’s book is a well written guide to understanding our own path in life’s mysteries and inspired wisdom. Using stories of his own life, he created a context of observing my own experiences which was very valuable. Looking at my own experiences with the context of Dr. Mayer’s, and combined with his scholarly knowledge and insights of the world’s wisdom schools, gave me a refreshing appreciation of the inspiration on my own path.I was moved by his transparency and willingness to share some painful times in life where real growth and self realization took place. Dr. Mayer helped me see that I was indeed a “Reluctant Meta-Physician” myself and that what I perceived as odd experiences and perspectives were actually inspired moments for me to realize my own gifting and calling.I highly recommend “Reluctant Meta-Physician” as a book to read, study, and meditate on. I believe readers will find refreshing perspectives of their own journey and a context for growth and inspiration for their path.

  6. Gaben C. (verified owner)

    Got so much interesting insights from this wonderful book of stories and practices.

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