Second Cross Hands Bundle

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This is class 7 through class 14 of the Bodymind Healing 4 Dimensions Video Series.


Second Cross Hands

7th Class:
a.) Embracing the Tiger Returning to the Mountain
b.) Bagua Fish c. Fist under elbow

8th Class Repulse Monkey {Is Fist Under elbow in the Previous class or here?}

9th Class:
a.) Finding the Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea
b). Fan through the Mountain

10th Class:
a.) 180 degree turn with whip punch
b.) Six Strikes/ Punches
c.) Single ward off to right and left step forward and punch
d.) Single Whip

11th Class:
a.) Cloud Hands
b.) Single whip
c.) High Pat on Horse
d.) Double Ward off
e.) Butterfly kick

12th Class:
a.) Turn 180 degrees and heel kick,
b.) Brush Knee forward and low punch
c.) Turn 180 degrees, Step forward and Punch
d.) Unfurling Open the Heart and heel kick

13th Class: Unfurling heart and heel kick
a.) Taming the Tiger low
b.) Taming the Tiger high
c.) Taming the Tiger twisting fist

14th Class:
a.) Step back and heel kick
b.) Emptying the bucket
c.) Double Wind fills the Ears
d.) Left heel Kick and turn 360 degrees
e.) Right Heel Kick step Forward and Punch
f.) Apparent Close up-Take a fly off your Elbow, Push
g.) Turn and Embrace the Tiger


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