River Of Life, Guided Visualization Process [DOWNLOAD]




The River of Life method (Mayer, 1982, 1996, 2007, 2009a) adds a guided visualization of  a streaming river to microcosmic orbit breathing. In this CD (which is now available as a easy download only) that originally focused on helping people to deal with cancer and chronic diseases, anyone can learn how to activate a transcendent state to help facilitate relief of stress, mind-body energy blockages, and blocked life issues. This method is a core process of Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy. To learn more about its full applications, you can read case illustrations about it’s use for insomnia, hypertension, chronic pain, trauma, etc. in , Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy: Ancient Pathways to Modern Health, or in Energy Psychology:Self-healing Practices for Bodymind Health. www.bodymindhealing.com. {Professionally produced CD with musical background, approximately 25 minutes.}


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