Hypertension A Integral Bodymind Healing Approach


This Webinar by Dr. Michael Mayer, was originally produced for Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine(2010). It contains a combined Powerpoint and Audio Presentation.


This Webinar contains a combined Powerpoint and Audio Presentation that: reviews research on hypertension, shows how Qigong can help with the treatment of hypertension, examines Qigong and hypertension research, discusses Chinese medical approaches to hypertension (including breathing methods, Qigong movements, and Standing Meditation Qigong), contains a guided meditation method that Dr Mayer uses with hypertensive patients, and gives case examples that illustrate the importance of an integrative treatment approach which includes psychological dimensions.It includes Dr. Mayer’s synthesis of Western and Eastern methods of treating hypertension that are put forth in his book Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy.

Dr. Michael Mayer is a licensed psychologist in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is the author of 20 publications on bodymind healing including three peer-reviewed articles on hypertension. Dr Mayer co-founded an integrative medical clinic where he practices with a team of mulitdisciplinary health practitioners. He presents his approach to mind-body healthcare at hospitals, universities, professional conferences, and workshop venues.


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