First Cross Hands Bundle

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This is the first 6 classes of the Bodymind Healing 4 Dimensions Video Series.


1st Cross Hands

 0 Wuji Stance

  1. 1st class:
    a.) Wuji Standing Meditation,
    b. Commencement
    c.) Holding Golden Balls in the Waters of Life
    d.)Taoist Immortal Paints the Heavenly Rainbow,
    e.) Grasping the Birds Tail
  2. 2nd Class:
    a.) Double Ward off
    b.) Rollback, Press, and Push,
  3. 3rd Class:
    a.) Power Transition
    b.) Bagua Fish
    c.) Single Whip
  4. 4th Class:
    a.) Lifting Hands (Playing the Guitar)
    b.) Shoulder Stroke (Healing the Liver)
    c.) White Crane Spreads Wings
  5. 5th Class:
    a.) Brush Knee Forward
    b.)Step Forward and Punch
  6. 6th Class:
    a.)  Apparent Closeup (taking a fly off your elbow)
    b.) Embracing the Tiger (Crossing Hands)

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  1. Gaben C.

    I love this bundle, got me going…

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