Episode 17: Body Mind Healing Tai Chi Chuan, Four Dimensions of Purpose


Welcome to the seventeenth episode of Bodymind Healing Tai Chi Chuan, Four Dimensions of Purpose, created and presented by Dr. Michael Mayer.

In this episode you’ll be introduced to: Movements you’ve done before and New movements.
a.) Wild Horse Parts Mane (Slant Flying) and Lifting Hands, Shoulder Stroke
b.) White Crane Spreads Wings
c.) Grasping the Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea
e.) Fan through the Mountain
f.) Turn 180 degrees and three steps forward and Low Punch
g.) Single Ward off to the Left and Right
h.) Step Forward and Double Ward Off, Press, Push
i.) Single Whip j.) High Pat on Horse
k.) White Snake sticks out it’s Tongue
l.) Turn 180 ° and Right heel kick
m.) Dragon Step
n. ) Step Forward and Low Punch
o.) Single Ward off Right and Left
p.) Step Forward, Roll Back, Press, Push
q.) Single Whip.

You’ll learn about “the four dimensions of purpose approach” to the movements:
1.) Self-Healing
2.) Spiritual Unfoldment
3.) Self-defense
4.) Changing your life stance psychologically.


Some of my students say that the Bodymind Healing interpretation of “White Snake Sticks out its Tongue” is now their favorite practice in the set. Click here and you’ll discover how the Mudra of this posture is a way to cultivate speaking truth to power. Here you’ll hopefully experience how it can add to your inner work on this issue in your life.

Also you’ll see how the posture becomes a two person self-defense practice that embodies and activates “fajing” the explosive force of your developed Golden Ball “doing nothing” — yet your practice partner bounces off of it.

Also note a summary of the evolution of the Snake practices in the Tai Chi set and its esoteric purposes in cross cultural wisdom traditions. You’ll see how to use as part of your preventive medicine program to help heal osteo-arthritis as well as invoking psychological empowerment. I’m grateful to Master Cai Song Fang for teaching me a two person self defense application of this movement, which you’ll see demonstrated at. I hope you enjoy and embody the mudras of the snake 🙂

This series may be better appreciated, if first you return to the foundational concepts espoused in our Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan video, https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/679302165, and you may also enjoy the origin of this art form, as discussed in this Origin video, https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/679372832.

1 review for Episode 17: Body Mind Healing Tai Chi Chuan, Four Dimensions of Purpose

  1. Hana Matt,Teacher of World Religions, Graduate Theological Union

    “I did not go out of our home during the daily terrorist attacks in Israel. I practiced Michael Mayer’s Bodymind Healing exercises regularly to regain my calm. They relieved my tight body and took my mind off of the stress and worries to be more present to others, to help them deal with their fears and find an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the war zone.I continue to use Bodymind Healing Qigong to ease everyday stresses and bring me back to my inner sanctuary of equanimity.”

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