4 Dimensions of Purpose, Full Series Bundle + Extended Short Form Qigong

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This bundle delivers all 19 Videos of the Bodymind Healing Tai Chi Chuan: Four Dimensions of Purpose Video Series, and includes a discount for the bulk purchase. In addition, this bundle adds the Extended Short Form Qigong video as a discounted bonus.

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Full 19 Video Series.
Classical Yang Style Tai Chi Long Form here is taught as a tradition of “postural initiation” (Mayer 2009, 2012), into the 4 dimensions of purpose. Each class begins with a Qigong warmup and then new movements enriched with: healing practices, cross-cultural teaching stories, two-person self-defense applications, and invocations about how to change your psychological life-stance.

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Extended Short Form Qigong Video.
Become initiated into the core Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan methods that Dr. Mayer learned from 30 years training with some of the most respected masters of these traditions. After 25 years of teaching, he synthesized this knowledge into a single form. Learn practices for: simultaneously relaxing and energizing your body; balancing energies of your internal organs, computer tension in the shoulders, activating your immune system, increasing balance, limbering joints, and more. Dr. Van der Kolk, Medical Director, Trauma Center, Boston University Medical School says, “I liked your Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD so much that in the course I taught we started with two or three sections of it every day.”

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  1. Hana Matt,Teacher of World Religions, Graduate Theological Union

    “I did not go out of our home during the daily terrorist attacks in Israel. I practiced Michael Mayer’s Bodymind Healing exercises regularly to regain my calm. They relieved my tight body and took my mind off of the stress and worries to be more present to others, to help them deal with their fears and find an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the war zone.I continue to use Bodymind Healing Qigong to ease everyday stresses and bring me back to my inner sanctuary of equanimity.”

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