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  • Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy – Ancient Pathways to Modern Health


    What is Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy? In order to help a patient face the challenges of everyday life, a therapist must be able to weave together psychological theories and healing methods that fit the unique person and moment. Practicing the art of psychotherapy also requires transcending methodologies in order to meet a person in that place of raw humanness where contact is made with the deep source of one’s being. In this spirit, Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy draws from traditional forms of psychotherapy, Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s “focusing” method, Jungian /archetypal symbolic process approaches to healing, hypnosis, psycho- neuroimmunolgical research, energy psychology, acupressure self touch, Qigong, transpersonal psychology, and ancient traditions of postural initiation.

  • Energy Psychology


    Energy Psychology presents a comprehensive approach to healing that combines leading-edge Western bodymind psychological methods with a broad system of ancient, sacred traditions. Incorporating Dr. Mayer’s integral approach called Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, Energy Psychology draws on Chinese medicine approaches, including Qigong and acupressure self-touch; kabalistic processes; methods drawn from ancient traditions of meditation and postural initiation; and psycho-mythological storytelling techniques.

  • Secrets to Living Younger Longer: The Self-Healing Path of Qigong, Standing Meditation, and Tai Chi – PAPERBACK


    Secrets To Living Younger Longer is based on Qigong, a many thousand-year-old method of cultivating the energy of life (Qi) through movement, breath, touch, sound, and awareness. Scientific research documents how Qigong can lower blood pressure, increase balance and help with a wide variety of chronic diseases. But this is more than a book on Qigong exercises. Building upon those in the forefront of the mind-body healthcare revolution, Dr, Mayer has created a unique blend, combining Chinese Qigong and Western psychological methods with cross-cultural anthropological research. Secrets… is enlivened by mythic tales and imaginative teaching stories from ancient sacred wisdom traditions.

    Click here for the e-book version, which you can purchase directly from the author.

  • The Mystery of Personal Identity

    Psychology meets astrology in this exploration of that ancient question, “Who am I and what does my life mean?” The author leads readers on a journey beginning with his own forty-night vision quest in the woods alone, to Native American and other ancient and modern traditions of identity formation. The first edition of this book was written between 1973 and 1977 as a doctoral dissertation called, A Holistic Perspective on Meaning and Identity: Astrology as a Language of Personality in Psychotherapy. It won the astrology prize from the Astrological Association of Great Britain for being the most valuable contribution to astrology in 1979. The book was then turned into this popular book, called The Mystery of Personal Identity, now in this updated 2nd edition.

  • The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician – Stories and Practices for Troubled Times – Paperback

    Are you a Reluctant Metaphysician? A career change, an upsetting external event, a serious illness, a painful breakup, or an unravelling culture can all be invitations to enter a deeper world behind the world. You may not have chosen to go there, but you evolve thereby. This book weaves together stories and reflections to introduce teachings and practices from ancient wisdom traditions that illuminate our unique life path.

  • Trials of the Heart: Healing the Wounds of Intimacy

    Just as Joseph Campbell, Robert Bly and Clarissa Pinkola Estes used myths to aid the evolution of consciousness in the individual, so does Trials of the Heart: Healing the Wounds of Intimacy, by psychotherapist and couples counselor, Dr. Michael Mayer, explore how ancient myths, fairy tales and stories can help us in our quest for a better understanding of human relationships. It sheds a ray of light into the dark and twisting labyrinth that intimate relationships so often become. Trials of the Heart is an ideal guide for providing an entry way into practices and attitudes that will alter the way we handle the difficult moments and obstacles we face on the path of love.

    By not including ancient sacred wisdom traditions into our understanding of love, we commit a crime analogous to our cultures’ trampling over the Native Americans. We get to occupy the land, but we lose the knowledge of how to be with its sacred treasures.– Quote from Trials of the Heart