Lifting Hands (Playing the Guitar)

Cultivating Kidney Chi & Lower Back Preventative Medicine

Click on the video below to learn about the Bodymind Healing Tai Chi approach to “Lifting Hands (Playing the Guitar). Discover how “Lifting Hands” has Four Dimensions of Purpose which includes:

Self-Healing: In this clip you see how Lifting Hands is a preventative medicine practice for strengthening the lower back & tonifying the Kidneys. From the Taoist healing tradition’s perspective, this practice is a way to “fill the hollows,” in the lower back— fundamental for developing the Ming Men, which in Chinese Medicine is called the Gate of your Life’s Vitality.

Spiritual Unfoldment: As you “fill your hollows,” from the BMHT initiatory perspective, you begin to transform your body from a line into a ball, thereby opening “the sphere of the Self.” Expand your view on the purposes of Tai Chi movements as you learn how from a psycho-mythological perspective this posture is a beginning initiation into cultivating “the Lost Golden Ball of the Western and Eastern Mystery traditions.” Will you agree after watching this video clip that East and West can be joined as you discover in your body the Lost Golden Ball of the Grimm’s fairy tale of the Wildman? Will you find the state of consciousness that Hermes Trismigistus, the Egyptian Metaphysician, referred to when he said, “God is a sphere whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere?”

• Self Defense: While not shown in this short clip, you can find self defense applications for Lifting Hands in Episode #4 (Episode 4: Body Mind Healing Tai Chi Chuan, Four Dimensions of Purpose). In this video, you’ll also discover two-person self defense applications which I learned from various Tai Chi masters for White Crane Spreads Wings and Shoulder Stroke.

Changing your Life Stance Psychologically: With gratitude to Master Ha, you’ll see how this posture is also Walking Meditation. It’s not too hard to find the golden ball of your radiant self when you’re alone on a mountaintop, but can you carry and maintain the golden ball of your inner radiance as you walk and meet the vicissitudes of life? Learn how doing this posture as a walking meditation is a way to balance your heart and belly (tan tien) centers.

In Bodymind Healing Tai Chi Chuan each of these four dimensions are part of a greater whole, and blend into an integral psycho-spiritual healing path.

In the full version of Episode #4, in addition to Lifting Hands, you’ll also learn the Four Dimensions approach to a.) Shoulder Stroke (useful for Liver Qigong etc) b.) White Crane (For Lung chi, etc). Now for a a limited time discounted to $9.97, usually $20.00)

Please note: The practices in this video are not a substitute for medical advice from your medical professionals. Though these practices can contribute to healing bodymind issues, one should always listen to their own body and the limits that it and your medical team suggests to adapt these practices to your unique circumstances. By doing the practices herein you are agreeing to be responsible to adhere to these caveats.

Confucius instructed, First, set your HeartMind on the One,
Then listen not with your ear, nor even with your HeartMind.
Listen with your Qi, the very essence of your ultimate Self.
The ear can only hear. The HeartMind is typically entangled in evaluation.
The Qi is completely open and receptive to every subtle level of being.

— Chuang Tzu, Inner Chapters, Fourth Century B.C.

If you’d like to learn about the Four Dimensions approach to other Tai Chi Movements, please go to this page:

Esalen institute workshop – Crane Flying Qigong for tonifying the lung meridian

Are you interested in an ongoing Bodymind HealingTai Chi /Qigong class which will take you further into this experience? During the current COVID pandemic our online Saturday 10 AM-11AM (PST) Zoom class will focus on Tai Chi’s Four Dimensions (self-healing, spiritual unfoldment, self-defense and changing one’s life stance psychologically). Each Saturday we’ll focus on one or two Tai Chi movements as well as immune enhancing, resiliency building (wei chi), parasympathetic nervous system enhancing practices from Bodymind Healing Qigong. Beginners welcome. Just  register in advance by emailing me at the day before and I’ll send you a Zoom invite that night. Pay by Pal Pal to that email address in advance, $20 for individual classes or $75 per month). Or else, just come to the class, and you can pay after the class😀

Blessings on the Path,
Dr. Michael

Please add to the community dialogue by commenting below on what you’ve learned or want to share about practicing Tai Chi “Push.” Tai Chi is meditation in motion. How does it differ from other forms of meditation you’ve practiced?


  1. Stuart Bonnington says:

    The Esalen photos: I’m in front, next to you. To capture the exhilaration, joy , I see in those precious moments. It was life changing for me.
    —Stuart Bonnington

    1. Michael Mayer says:

      Hi Stuart, Ah yes, It was great having you at that memorable event. So glad it was so life changing for you.
      It is a treasure to have that memory encapsulated in this photo of you and the group doing Hau Tau’s Monkey Animal Frolic— indeed the movement evokes exhilaration and joy.
      Be well on the path, Michael

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