Tai Chi Commencement: Grounding Yourself and Other Benefits

Click on the video below to learn what the first movement of Tai Chi, “Commencement,” teaches about reversing your sympathetic nervous system reactivity when you’re afraid, triggered, or assaulted by everyday life. In addition, in this clip below you’ll learn the Four Dimensions of Purpose of Bodymind Healing Tai Chi:

Self- Healing: Learn a special method for tonifying the lungs, and a way to activate healing energy in your Lau Gung points (P8) in your palms — great for massage practitioners and for prayer.

Spiritual Unfoldment: Add a new method to your bodymind spiritual practices; allow your spirit to rise naturally.

• Self Defense: See two person self defense applications that I learned from various Tai Chi masters, which you can apply metaphorically to deal with the emotional attacks of everyday life.

Changing your Life Stance Psychologically: You’ll begin to learn how to “sink the chi,” an important method to help reverse dysregulation and ground your energy when you’re feeling endangered. You’ll discover how this practice adds to leading-edge methods of healing psychological trauma.

In Bodymind Healing Tai Chi each of these four dimensions are part of a greater whole, and blend into an integral psycho-spiritual healing path.

Please note: The practices in this video are not a substitute for medical advice from your medical professionals. Though these practices can contribute to healing bodymind issues, one should always listen to their own body and the limits that it and your medical team suggests to adapt these practices to your unique circumstances. By doing the practices herein you are agreeing to be responsible to adhere to these caveats.

The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi (Wayne & Fuerst, 1991) says: “regular practice leads to more vigor and flexibility, better balance and mobility, and a sense of well-being. Cutting-edge research from Harvard Medical School also supports the long-standing claims that Tai Chi also has a beneficial impact on the health of the heart, bones, nerves and muscles, immune system, and the mind.”

If you’d like to learn about the Four Dimensions approach to other Tai Chi Movements, please go to this page: https://bodymindhealing-taichiqigong.com/4-dimensions-of-purpose-video-series/.

Blessings on the Path,
Dr. Michael

Please add to the community dialogue by commenting below by commenting below on what you’ve learned or want to share about practicing the first Tai chi movement, “Commencement”. Tai Chi is meditation in motion. How does it differ from other forms of meditation you’ve practiced?

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  1. This method helped me to sink my Chi when I was waiting in line at the grocery store.

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