4 Dimensions of Purpose, Video Series


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In this Bodymind Healing Tai Chi/Qigong video set you’ll learn how Tai Chi and Qigong can be practiced as part of a wider cross-cultural/cross-temporal tradition of “postural initiation.” You’ll become initiated into how Tai Chi postures can be seen as a state- specific hieroglyphic alphabet of stances that can be used to embody the Western and Eastern mystery traditions. Emphasis is placed on the healing elements of the tradition, and how Standing Mediation Qigong (embedded in Tai Chi) connects one with wuji (the mother of chi) and weaves that connection like a Golden Silken thread throughout the set.

Each Tai Chi posture can be seen as having four dimensions of purpose: self-healing, spiritual unfoldment, self-defense, and transforming one’s life stance psychologically. Each class begins with a Qigong warm up from Bodymind Healing Tai Chi/Qigong and then in each of nineteen classes of the Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan-Long Form about three Tai Chi Chuan movements are successively added in each class explaining how the four dimensions of purpose apply to each posture/movement.

Dr Michael takes his 40 years of research, training and teaching in ancient sacred wisdom traditions and uses the set of Tai Chi Chuan to transmit these teachings as a tradition of postural initiation. Michael did his doctoral work on the integration of ancient wisdom traditions with modern body-mind healing methods. His Mythic Journey Process, River of Life self-hypnosis method are examples of the clinical applications of this integration of Qigong and imaginal healing methods.

Dr. Michael trained graduate master of psychology students in the integration of ancient wisdom traditions at John F Kennedy University for 12 years (1978-1990). He pioneered the integration of Tai Chi/Qigong and psychotherapy, teaching the first accredited university course to doctoral students in that integration at the California Institute of Integral Studies (2007, 2009).

He won the world astrology prize for being the first person to integrate astrological symbols with depth psychotherapy in his Mystery of Personal Identity book and create a theoretical framework for astrology that is palatable even to skeptics (Mayer 1977, 2012). His most recent book, The Path of a Reluctant Metaphysician: Stories and Practices for Troubled Times, won a Ben Franklin award in the Mind-Body Spirit Category.

The practices in these videos are not a substitute for medical advice from your medical professionals. Though the practices in these videos can contribute to healing bodymind issues, one should always listen to their own body and the limits that it and your medical team suggests to adapt these practices to your unique circumstances. By doing the practices herein you are agreeing to be responsible to adhere to these caveats.

Any of the self-defense practices suggested in these videos should be viewed in light of being part of a system of holistic healing rather than getting inflated into thinking that you can apply these practices in life endangering situations. The best offense and defense is to avoid fights; and this is the ground of Taoist self-defense practice.

The practices in these videos, though rooted in classical training from Master Fong Ha and other Tai Chi Chuan masters, should not be taken as a direct representation of their teachings. Bodymind Healing Tai Chi Chuan branches out from those teachings to add: 1.) Creative and imaginal interpretations of movements 2.) Associations from wider cross-cultural wisdom traditions, which may not be part of classical Tai Chi teaching 3.) A focus on Four Purposes of each movement in the Tai Chi set that may not be part of traditional teaching.

Quotes from leaders in the field about Dr Michael’s teachings, books and products:

In the 1970s Dr. Michael Mayer began his study of Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong with me. With continuous diligence, devotion, and skill he grows and ages with me as faithful student and friend. It delights my eyes and warms my heart to witness the masterful way Dr. Mayer creates a joining of hands between Eastern and Western spiritual traditions in this book.

Fong Ha, Internationally recognized grandmaster of Tai Chi Chuan and Yi Chuan Qigong.

{Note: This is not how Master Ha describes himself,
rather he describes himself on one of my book’s endorsements humbly as,
Fong Ha, One who practices Tai Chi & Qigong.}

“Michael Mayer’s practical synthesis and deep knowledge of Qigong and Tai Chi movement forms has greatly impressed me during my years administering the Esalen Institute Movement Arts Program. He stands out among the many teachers I’ve met and practiced with and has provided me with insights available from no other teacher

Rick Cannon, Esalen Institute, Coordinator, Movement Arts Program

About Michael’s Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD:

“I liked your Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD so much that in the course I taught we started with two or three sections of it every day. It simply is a wonderful DVD.”

– Bessel van der Kolk, MD Medical Director, the Trauma Center, Boston University School of Medicine

“I did not go out of our home during the daily terrorist attacks in Israel. I practiced Michael Mayer’s Bodymind Healing exercises regularly to regain my calm. They relieved my tight body and took my mind off of the stress and worries to be more present to others, to help them deal with their fears and find an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the war zone. I continue to use Bodymind Healing Qigong to ease everyday stresses and bring me back to my inner sanctuary of equanimity.”

Hana Matt,Teacher of World Religions, Graduate Theological Union

About Michael’s book, Secrets to Living Younger Longer: The Self-healing Path of Qigong, Standing Meditation and Tai Chi:

A wonderful guide for learning the ancient healing practice of Qigong. Full of clear and practical exercises.

Dr. Wayne Jonas, Former Director National Institute of Health, Office of Alternative Medicine

A splendid break-through which will certainly contribute a new slant to meditative practice.

Dr. Larry Dossey Author of Reinventing Medicine

About Dr Michael’s book Energy Psychology:

“Drawing upon over thirty years of his psychotherapy practice and personal training, Dr. Mayer has provided a seminal contribution to the field of mind-body interventions for a wide range of common disorders, as he offers us a treasure house of energy-based practices to cultivate our self-healing powers. His book is profound in its scope, evidence based, bridges Eastern and Western traditions, and provides practical insights and skills that can be of enormous value to both individuals and organizations seeking to attain optimal health.”

Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, clinical professor of medicine, University of California, San Francisco,
and author of The Best Alternative Medicine: What Works? What Does Not?

“This scholarly and eminently readable book integrates Eastern and Western forms of self-healing techniques and examines the capacity of various approaches that put human beings at the center of their own self-care. I applaud Dr. Michael Mayer for his monumental work, which hopefully foreshadows the shape of body-mind approaches for years to come.”

Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Medical Director, the Trauma Center, Boston University School of Medicine,
and former professor of psychiatry, Harvard University

For more about Dr. Michael’s background in Tai Chi/Qigong please click here.